Hatboro - Vote YES for Union Library!

On May 21, 2019, the voters of Hatboro will have the opportunity to vote on this ballot question:

Shall the Borough of Hatboro establish an annual Special Library Tax to provide for the maintenance of and aid to Union Library Company of Hatborough at the rate of .55 mills on the dollar on all taxable real estate within the Borough of Hatboro?

In order to better serve the community the library wants to extend its hours, and enhance its offerings with additions and supplements to the following areas: Museum passes, Circulating tablets and other popular devices, Employment databases and resources for job seekers, Genealogy databases, Enhanced programming for children and adults to promote lifelong learning, Streaming movies, Audiobooks streaming, Music streaming, Ebooks, and Computer services including WiFi.

The funding levels on the ballot in 2019 will not only enhance overall library offerings, but will ensure the future of their historic physical structure. 


The Hatboro Library Yes Committee is an independent group formed to support our historic Union Library. Our mission is to inform and mobilize Hatboro voters to vote “YES” on the referendum question on the May 21, 2019 primary ballot. The question will appear on ballots regardless of party registration.

In order for the referendum to pass, it will require just over 50 percent of voters to choose YES on the library referendum question.

To support the library referendum, you must be a Pennsylvania voter registered in Hatboro. The last day to register is April 22, 2019. Residents can register to vote at this link. All registered Hatboro residents will be able to vote in this primary election, including independent-registered voters. Simply go to your normal voting place and tell them your affiliation (Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc.) and you will be given the appropriate ballot. Independent-registered voters will have only the library referendum to vote on.

Click here for more details about the referendum.


Yes Hatboro Library Committee Leaders
Karen Kearns, Committee Chair
Barbara Wasserman, Treasurer
Michael Celec, Volunteer Coordinator
Jeannine Delwiche, Web Coordinator

Yes Hatboro Library Committee Campaign Members
Michele Johnson
Robin Laufer
Katrina Nuss
Marianne Schaeffer


Contact us at YesHatboroLibrary@gmail.com