Overview of Endorsements

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John and Marian Demcisak Will Vote YES

John and Marian Demcisak


With the full support of Hatboro Council we have on the ballot at the May primary a referendum to approve a modest real estate tax to support our historic Hatboro library.

My wife Marian and I enthusiastically support this referendum.

The library is a Hatboro and national treasure, founded in 1765 by a group of local farmers who scraped together funds, then sent to England for some books.

As a longtime Hatboro resident, former library board and Borough Council member, I know how badly the library needs a regular yearly source of income.

Through the support of Borough Council, citizen donations, very frugal use of funds and volunteers the library runs excellent children and adult programs, and provides a meeting place for community groups.

Our Hatboro library needs the regular source of income your approval of this referendum will make possible.

Please vote for its approval at the primary this May.

Marian Demcisak            John Demcisak

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Marianne Shaeffer Will Vote Yes

Marianne ShaefferTo my fellow residents of Hatboro:

I ask that you join me in voting YES on the ballot to ensure Union Library receives an appropriate level of funding in the coming years.

I love Hatboro and I volunteer regularly for efforts that beautify our town, preserve our local history, and revitalize local businesses. I work to improve the quality of life for all Hatboro residents and I have found Union Library to be a strong partner in helping me to do so. I want to see our library modernized and given the resources it needs in order to fully engage all the citizens of Hatboro, even the ones that never visit the library in person.

For these reasons and more, I invite you to join me in voting YES on May 21.

Thank you,
Marianne Shaeffer

Borough of Hatboro

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Laura Lasher Will Vote Yes

Laura LasherTo my Hatboro neighbors:

I am taking this opportunity to let you know why I will be voting YES for the library referendum on May 21, along with many other community leaders.

I want to see our library expands its hours and its services and operate on par with our neighbors. I believe a modernized public library will be an invaluable resource for improving the quality of our beloved small-town life. By approving the library referendum, we are not just securing Union Library’s future, we are also serving to increase local arts and cultural events, preserve local history, and even beautify the town.

Please join me in improving our quality of life by voting YES on May 21.

Thank you, 

Laura Lasher

Borough of Hatboro

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Leslie Jones Will Vote Yes

Leslie JonesDear Hatboro Residents:

I, like many other community leaders in Hatboro, am reaching out to let you know that I fully support and endorse the ballot measure to establish dedicated funding for Hatboro’s public library in the coming primary election.

I have dedicated my time and resources to support many efforts that strive to revitalize our local businesses, preserve our local history, and beautify our town. Rarely have I had to opportunity to support an effort that has such tremendous potential to improve the quality of life for all the members of our community. A well-funded public library can strengthen its community and I believe this ballot measure will benefit not only Union Library, but every resident of Hatboro.

Join me in making our community stronger by voting YES on May 21.

Thank you, 

Leslie Jones

Borough of Hatboro

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Principal D'Angelo Supports the Referendum

Principal D'AngeloDear Hatboro Voters,

At Pennypack Elementary School, we are dedicated to helping students become self-directed, lifelong learners. Our public library is a community resource that shares in our mission, and for this reason, I support the Hatboro Library Yes Committee’s efforts to secure stable funding for the Union Library. Public libraries are one of the key places where students can pursue their own interests in a less structured setting. Union Library inspires investigation, not only with the items within their collection but also stimulates an interest in local history.

We urge the residents of Hatboro to join us in our mission of creating spaces that inspire lifelong learning by voting YES on May 21.

Thank you,

Brea D'Angelo, Principal 
Pennypack Elementary School


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Bob John Will Vote Yes

Bob JohnTo my neighbors in Hatboro:

Since my early childhood, I have been involved with the Hatboro Library. My first introduction was helping my mother setting up games as she and the Crooked Billet Women's Club and the Gardeners' of Hatboro played a big role in the annual September Library Bazaar. Of course, the chicken was also a must do! There was even a big WFIL dance party on the Hatboro Federal parking lot. 

As a member of Hatboro Boy Scout Troop 3, it has been a pleasure to be part of the team that has helped set up and take down the Book Fairs, paint the summer house, and do numerous other good turns for the Library over 60 years. We even transplanted an evergreen tree from Frank Jarrett's farm to the front lawn of the library which is now the official Hatboro Holiday tree. 

We are so fortunate to have such a community treasure in our town. Between the children's events, adult activities and programs, reading materials, and the historical collections, the Hatboro Union Library is an important keepsake.

I urge everyone to vote YES for the Library referendum on May 21.


Very truly yours,

Robert M. John
Resident of Hatboro


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Former Council President Tompkins Will Vote Yes

Bill TompkinsDear Hatboro Residents:

Whether it was taking my children to activities there, going to presentations there, going to community group meetings there that they so graciously hosted, or simply browsing the shelfs for information, our Union Library has been a great local resource. The library is an asset to the Borough, providing services for more than two and a half centuries. Continuing to improve and expand their offerings will benefit all of us.

During my service on council, it was easy to support their budget requests because of all they do for Hatboro and its residents. The dedicated library tax will insure that the library can continue to serve all of us and allow them to better plan and execute their activities and services. Our community needs to be able to count on a strong local library in the future.

I urge you to consider joining me in voting “Yes” on May 21.


Bill Tompkins
former President, Hatboro Borough Council

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The Gardeners of Crooked Billet Support the Referendum

Gardeners of Crooked BilletDear Hatboro neighbors,

The Gardeners of Crooked Billet have tended the Children's Garden of the Union Library for a number of years. We are proud to care for this garden, belonging as it does, to the premier cultural landmark in Hatboro.

The library has served all of the residents of Hatboro well, especially our children.

Please join us on May 21 to show your support by voting yes on the referendum.   

Thank you,

Judith Swanson
President, Gardeners of Crooked Billet

on behalf of The Gardeners of Crooked Billet

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Councilmember Rich Will Vote Yes

Dear Hatboro Voters:

Dave RichIt is with great pleasure that I endorse public funding for the historic Hatborough Union Library. I have felt that public funding for this endeavor was long overdue. All public organizations are always in need of a dependable funding stream so that they can complete the job of yearly budgeting and not need to depend on the sometimes difficult choices that members of borough councils face with our own budgeting problems.

With a stable funding base, the library can improve hours of service, make additional investments in much needed computer hardware and software. Studies have also shown that having a working library is important for the maintenance of higher property values within Pennsylvania.

I hope all voters in Hatboro are proud of their historic library and that they will take this into account and VOTE YES with me on May 21, to ensure proper funding for the library.

Thank You,

David Rich

Member of Hatboro Council
Member of Finance Committee

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